What is Aquatein?

 A refreshing and innovative  form of protein which infuses water with  whey protein isolate to deliver the perfect  health drink without the sugars, fats or carbs.

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What are the key ingredients used in Aquatein?

The key ingredients in Aquatein are Water and Whey Protein Isolate.

What is the difference between Aquatein and Aquatein Pro?

Aquatein contains 10 grams of protein whereas Aquatein Pro is packed with 21 grams of Protein in it. Aquatein can be consumed as a post-workout drink after light exercise and also be relished as a daily dietary supplement for protein, for rehydration, or as a refreshing drink. Whereas, Aquatein Pro is high in protein that helps one nourish their body with essential proteins, BCAA and glutamine after a heavy workout.

How many different flavors is Aquatein available in?

Aquatein as well as Aquatein PRO, are available in 4 different flavours - Strawberry, Green Apple, Orange and, Mix Berry.

Where can we get it?

You can buy it directly from our website and it is also available on Amazon, Flipkart, Goqii, and Healthkart.

How much does this product cost?

Aquatein :
Pack of 4 - Rs. 340*
Pack of 8 - Rs. 640*
Pack of 8 x 4 weeks - Rs. 2400*

Aquatein Pro :
Pack of 4 - Rs. 560*
Pack of 8 - Rs. 1080*
Pack of 8 x 4 weeks - Rs. 4160*
* Excluding delivery charges.
(COD charges as applicable)

Why Aquatein? How is it different?

Made by infusing whey protein isolate in water and backed by European technology and formulation, Aquatein is the first of its kind in the Indian market. Aquatein allows you to save yourself the hassle of mixing your regular powders with water/milk and saves your time as well. This revolutionary drink helps you to balance your daily protein intake on the go.

How to get a monthly subscription?

You can get your hands on 32 bottles of Aquatein or Aquatein PRO delivered to your home in batches of 8 weekly. Simply pick between Aquatein or Aquatein PRO, select your weekly flavors and checkout. That simple! If you wish to modify your order, simply edit the order in the 'My Orders' at least 4 working days before the start of the next week.

Can I customize my order as per my requirement?

You can customize the flavours, only in case of 8 bottles or monthly subscription.

How to customize my order?

Customization is applicable only on the pack of 8 and monthly subscription. To place your customized order, visit our website and click on the monthly subscription or pack of 8 option in which you can choose the variant you prefer (Aquatein or Aquatein Pro) and select the flavours of your choice. Once done with the selection process, click on the add to cart option to place your order.

In how many days will I receive my order?

We usually deliver the product within 4 to 7 working days after receiving the order.

How to cancel my order?

Aquatein is a beverage/food product. We consider any returned goods compromised in quality, and therefore do not accept cancellation after dispatch. However, should you be facing any issue with your order, we would be glad to assist you with it.

Can I replace my order post receiving the product?

A completed order is not replaceable as Aquatein is a consumable food product. If you find your order to be damaged for any reason, please drop an email at care@aquatein.com along with the pictures of the damage. We will replace the product in 7-8 working days after verifying the damage on a case on case basis. Note: Any replacement request for damaged goods should be sent to us within 12 hours of receiving the order